Thanks for coming! To get the most out of what’s posted here and what will be, I hope you’ll have read two things. First:

Antediluvian Cover

You can buy a Kindle edition here.

Print version here. (The trees are already dead, so don’t feel bad. Think of it as making sure their sacrifice isn’t wasted.)

Second, I suggest you read the first part of the book of Genesis, up to chapter 6, verse 4. If you don’t have a Bible handy, an online search will lead you to the text.

A quarter of human history occurred before the Great Flood, and details about that annihilated world are, unsurprisingly, scarce. What I’ve attempted to do with Antediluvian is to expand that world in a realistic way, taking clues from the Biblical account and adding known natural history and possible technology from cultures that were likely comparable, with a little mythology and speculation within the bounds of reason thrown in.

Also, by signing up for the Antediluvian mailing list, you’ll get emails when (and only when) there’s a new release or free swag, including paperback copies of the book, original artwork, and cover art prints.

Consider this site a portal into a world built on an existing foundation. Let me know what you’d like to see here, and thanks again for reading!

R. M. Huffman

10 thoughts on “Welcome to ANTEDILUVIAN

  1. Oletex

    I would like to see an illustrated version of Antediluvian. I understand the author is an accomplished artist.

  2. SED

    I agree with Oletex, I’d love to see the old world come to life through pictures. The sequel can’t come out soon enough!

  3. Debbie

    I must say – that I am very impressed with your book. To put Biblical history and what most would consider fantasy together is just phenomenal. I love anything with a dragon in it, and I have read the Bible many times. While reading the Bible, I often see in my head what you have put on paper. Most people argue with me about details from the Bible that you brought to life. (well almost) Cant wait for more! You’re a genius!

  4. Wayne Braudrick

    Dr. Huffman (Jr.) – just finished the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done! Especially enjoyed the theopneustos treatment, inclusion of fossilized paleos, the theophany, and questions re: Tubal-Cain. Also thought the depiction of rest was brilliant (particularly the adjectival phrases on 134.) Look forward to talking about Gilgamesh more, and like everyone else I am excited for the sequel.

  5. Lew

    I just finished your book and really enjoyed it. By the half way point I could not put it down! My brother-in-law goes to the same church as you and purchased a copy for me. Your note at the end asked for comments or suggestions. I have two.

    1. It looks like you are an illustrator as well. A few pictures throughout would be really cool (of things like the leviathan, etc).
    2. I really do not read fantasy books usually so maybe this is just me, but the variety and nature of all the names made it hard to keep up with, sometimes to the point of being distracting. I think a brief list of names at the front with a snapshot of who the character is at the beginning would help a lot. It would be a easy quick reference of just one sentence per character or so.

    Anyway, great job! I really enjoyed it and look forward to the sequel!

    1. rmhuffman Post author

      Thanks for the read and the comment, Lew! Those are both excellent suggestions, and on those very subjects: Antediluvian is going to be republished by a small press this summer as Leviathan (Book One of the Antediluvian Legacy series), with two new chapters, an expanded map, six or seven full-color illustrations, three different genealogies/family trees that should help keep the names straight, and an illustrated glossary/bestiary of all the unfamiliar beasties throughout the book. Most of the material is already done – they’re anticipating a June or July release. So! I’ll be sure to keep you posted when it’s released! So glad you enjoyed it!


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