Indrik and Kerit

Question: what’s the largest land mammal in earth’s history?

You thought “woolly mammoth,” didn’t you? There’s actually something even bigger. Interestingly, a creature in Russian folklore called an “indrik” gave this animal one of its modern names, so it was an easy step backwards to name it in the book. Prepare to have your mind BLOWN. (Maybe not “blown,” per se, but this is pretty cool.)

Bonus creature: this was only mentioned once in the book at the beginning, but it’s pretty dang cool – think gorilla-horse. Some folks have speculated that this is the true identity of a cryptid called a Nandi Bear, named after the Nandi people, who call it a “kerit.” (Why not just skip the middleman and call it a kerit? That’s what I did.) Anyway! Enjoy.

INDRICOTHERIUM (aka paraceratherium), aka INDRIK


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