Leviathan = sarcosuchus?

Apologies for the delay in new posts! If you’ve read ANTEDILUVIAN – or the book of Job – you’re familiar with the topic of this post.

Leviathan is described in Job 41 as a fearsome, almost invincible creature, and it’s been the subject of much speculation. Some modern English Bibles give it a footnote identity of “crocodile.” Yeah, right. Yes, a saltwater crocodile is probably the living animal I’d least like to meet in person, but it’s not the pinnacle of marine monsters. Liopleurodon, anyone? Megalodon? Dunkleosteus? Mosasaur?

Those aren’t my top pick for Leviathan’s true identity, though. For one thing, a strictly water-bound animal wouldn’t have any use to breathe fire. Breathe fire? That’s sort of nuts, but we’ll get to it…

Obviously, since I did use a leviathan as the instigating threat in ANTEDILUVIAN, I couldn’t remain undecided. What’s my choice, then? I give you: SARCOSUCHUS.

One aspect of this enormous crocodilian that I find compelling is the bulla at the end of its snout. Its use is unknown. Sounds like a good candidate for a flamethrowing water-dwelling monster to me!


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