Gotta dust off the cobwebs here, clear a little bit of ivy… Eh, that’s good enough.

I have (too?) many projects. One of them involves my doing concept art for a miniature game that’s going to be, dare I say, pretty fantastic. (See – the gentleman in question is the primary instigator of the whole thing, and that’s where the news will be when there’s news.)

Long story short, these two projects have intersected. I’m not sure what the outcome will ultimately be, but I do know this: it’s ultra-super-cool to see my drawings rendered in 3D, and more so when they’re characters I created and designed. (Incidentally, you can read about them here! What luck!)

Eden Archer concept Eden Archer 3D Enoch Guard concept Enoch Guard 3D Grigori Diviner concept Grigori Diviner 3D

Enoch Scribe concept Enoch Scribe 3D Bene Sheol concept Bene Sheol 3D Leviathan Armor concept Leviathan Armor 3D Havilah Guardian concept Havilah Guardian 3D

Nephilim Consort concept Nephilim Consort 3D

Nod Nomad conceptNod Nomad 3D

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